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Aloe Vera is a plant with curative properties, besides looking exotic and attractive. You can use it as a home remedy for treating your children as well as adults, eliminating the first symptoms of ailments momentarily without worrying about any side effects as it is a very safe plant. It can even help you strengthen our immune system.

How to grow it at home?

The plant is cultivated from its seed, stem, leaf cuttings and divisions of tubers, thus you need to implement a cultivation method which will not damage the plant. Do not try when the succulent is blooming. Prepare a tight soil mixing it with low content of brick chips and charcoal for cultivation, and add peat in the soil so that no negative effects are being left on its root system. Do not water it too much during the summer. Place it outside on the porch during the night so that it can gather enough dew. If the temperatures become below 10oC, put it inside at a room temperature of 12-14oC. You can keep it in the hallway.

In order to nourish it the best way you may apply some special dressing of nitrogen fertilizers and mineral periodically, but be very careful when you transplant the pups. You should transplant the young pups once per year, while those which are 3-year-old, in every 3 years. Those older than 5 years are considered as old, and those have the greatest health benefits and are the most valuable.

Learn how to plant and prune it

When you plant it, make sure the soil is dry. Clean the roots of the old substrate with light tapping when you remove the plant from its pot. If there are harmed roots, just remove them without affecting the healthy tissues. Treat the sliced part with powdered sulfur or charcoal. Use sharp scissors when pruning the plant. Then you plant the grower, do not water it for 5-6 days and put the pot in shade.

If you don’t know how to plant Aloe Vera with seeds only, then follow these steps:

1- They are shown at 21oC immediately after ripening;

2- February or March are the best time for this;

3- Sheet, light turf soil and sand should be in the soil;

4- Add broken bricks and charcoal in the soil;

5- When the plant grows 2 leaves, plant it in a pot.

Health benefits of Aloe Vera

This plant is high in antioxidants that boost the immune system. That is crucial for fighting free radicals in the organism. These are unstable compounds which are harmful for the health and also speed up the process of aging. If you consume Aloe Vera juice on regular basis you will supply your body with plenty of antioxidants which will bolster your immune system.

It is also used in skin care products, calming, nourishing and hydrating it. Moreover, it speeds up the regeneration of new tissues of the skin. Once you apply it, your skin will be moisturized and will glow.

Aloe Vera is effective with blisters, minor burns, allergic reactions, insect bites, sunburns, and inflammations. The juice of this plant will help you if you have sensitive skin.
Your digestive system will be cleaned as the plant fights against food substances which cause fatigue and exhaustion. The juice also replenishes energy levels and maintains the body in a health condition with proper weight.

The plant is great for oral hygiene and the gums as it has very strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, including vitamins and minerals which stimulate the growth of cells and heals bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. Those with gum disease should implement a massage with the gel. You can also sprinkle Aloe Vera powder on the toothbrush before you wash your teeth. The juice will strengthen your teeth.

The fiber in this plant helps in improving digestion and bowel movements. Thus, in case you have constipation, consume 2oz. of Aloe Vera juice daily. You will need only 10 hours to experience the positive results.

In order to reduce inflammation on joints and relieve arthritis pain, apply Aloe Vera juice topically. It will also reduce inflammation inside the body. There will be positive results in just 2 weeks.
The plant is very helpful for moderate ulcerative colitis because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics.



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