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How to cure your tooth ache in literally seconds

 Tooth problems are common ones that we face quite often in our day to day life. Dental health, for sure, requires our constant attention. This attention need not really be an expensive medical one. Even normal home remedies can be highly effective bringing you out of the pain you are suffering. Let us look at some of the home remedies that can make you feel much better within a short span of time

1. Powdered Clove

One of the effective remedies from the ancients Egypt, Clove Powder is a home remedy for Tooth ache. Clove Powder was used by the ancient Egyptians not only to get rid of Tooth aches but also for many other ailments. Take half a spoon of Clove powder as the first step to preparing the magic potion

 2. Coconut Oil

This is the next ingredient which is highly useful in the making of mixture for tooth ache. Coconut is one thing that is generally available in plenty in households and all you require for this treatment is half a tea spoon of Coconut oil.

 3. Salt & Black Pepper

Take half a spoon of black and pepper to complete preparing the magic mixture that will save you of your tooth ache.

 4. The procedure

Now, mix all the above ingredients in the same quantity. Add a few drops of water to bring the mixture to a consistency of a paste that can be applied on the hurting teeth. After mixing all the ingredients together, wait for some time for the mixture to settle down. Then apply on the teeth that hurt using a tooth brush in a gentle manner. Continuously rub on the gums gently so the medicinal properties present in this mixture seep inside the gums in a rapid manner. While applying, the taste may make you feel awkward. Don’t give up. Keep applying as long as you can.
 If you still feel some pain in the gums after applying this mixture, continue to apply three to four times a day. If the pain subsides right after the first application, go out challenging the sunshine flaunting your bright white painless teeth.
 This is a safe and natural remedy you can confidently try for your tooth ache before opting to spend your fortune on the same visiting a Doctor.



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