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Meet The 6-YO Who Makes $11 Million A Year Just With Toys

Yes, you read that right. This little guy has his own YouTube channels named Ryan ToysReview and Ryan's family review.

When Ryan was very young, he was interested in toys. One day he asked his family, why couldn't he review toys as well? His family supported him, and that was it!

Today his name is in the Forbes' annual list of highest-earning YouTube celebrities. Want to know how he does it?

Here is his story!

Read on!

Started out when he was 4

 When he was just 4, he asked his family if he could review toys.

One video went viral

 One video in July 2015 went viral getting close to 800 million views.

The channel reviews toys

 And kids' food products as well.

10 million subscribers

 His channel Ryan ToysReview has over 10 million subscribers.

One more channel

 There is another channel featuring Ryan called Ryan's family review. It also has over 1 million subscribers.

$1 million a month revenue

 The huge number of subscribers translates to $1 million a month in advertising revenue alone.

The toys are shown in action

 A story of every toy is told in the videos of his toys review channel.

Popular with kids

 It is very popular among kids because it focuses on providing content that appeals & attracts the children.

Regular posts

 They post regularly on the channel which makes sure that the subscribers who are waiting for new content are not disappointed.

Also have a interactive Facebook page

They do collaborations and share their content on various blogs and sites as well.

That is Ryan's story for you. Have anything else to share?

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