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Person Captures Terrifying Photo Of Hooded Figure, And Paranormal Experts Are Stumped

 In this day and age, it's not exactly uncommon to hear stories about paranormal sightings from people worldwide, and even less so to see some kind of photographic "evidence" about it. Hell, cartoonists are even providing video documentation about their haunted apartments these days...
 Still though, it's always entertaining and genuinely scary to see what people have encountered, and while some are very obviously fake, there's enough out there to make you wonder just what's going on. I mean, probably nothing, but there's enough people who devote themselves to researching this stuff that there's gotta be something behind it, right?
 Well, this most recent incident might make a believer out of even the most skeptical of people. A man photographing the ruins of an old castle in the UK captured a mysterious figure on film, and experts are stumped as to what it could be...

"I was quite surprised when I first saw the picture," Wickes told Daily Mail. "I saw the image with the figure in it and looked on the web. That's when I read about a monk being seen in area. I'm not really sure about that sort of the stuff. I asked a paranormal investigator what he thought and he went down there [last week] to check it out."

"When I showed my son he looked at it and just laughed, but because I was certain that figure hadn't been there when we took the picture, it was worth investigating. When I posted the image online on a paranormal group, there were suggestions that it was just a hole in the wall, but someone has actually gone there to take pictures and confirm that's not the case."

Local lore actually HAS talked about a black-robed monk wandering the area, crazily enough.



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