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Simple And Elegant Ponytails You Can Do To Look Pretty !

Ponytails are like the T-shirts of hairstyles—they're often worn as a workout basic or overlooked when getting ready for the day. But if we learned anything from the celebs and the red carpet, ponytails can totally be dressed up into fun, chic and easy styles. Scroll through these popular pins (and get the instructions on how to do them yourself!) and then follow SELF on Pinterest to find more looks we’re loving right now.

1- Create a chic look for yourself with this high up ponytail and accessorize it with ribbons.

 2-  Make your hair voluminous and get a length of your choice with ponytail extensions.

 3- Get flirty with your hair. Knot it up roughly and then it up for a mess ponytail looks.

 4- Get a gorgeous look that will get praises from everyone by making a top braid starting front and tie your hair at the back as ponytails.

 5-  Layer two ponytails, one over the other one to get a voluminous and long hair look.

 6- Give your hair a messy look for a lazy morning.

 7- To get a gorgeous look for the day, tie up your hair from one side into a braid and make a messy ponytail at the back.



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