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The World's Most Beautiful Garden, Mystery Revealed

The World's Most Beautiful Garden, Mystery Revealed

Amazing Fuji world as large as 3,000 square meters and holds 22 types of fujis

In Kyushu City, Fukuoka, a Fuji (means wisteria in Japanese) garden that is as large as 3000 square meters, exist. Kawachi Fuji Garden only opens during spring to enjoy the spring fujis and during fall to enjoy the autumn leaves. There are in total 22 types of fuji and tutsuji flowers and they are the most popular ones as well. Its great reputation has grown since the opening in 1977. Since then, it also has grown to be the Fuji Garden that is loved and admired by all.

Spring Flowers and Autumn Leaves

"Fuji Flower Garden" in Kawachi Fuji Garden opens from the end of April to mid-May. The exact date of opening and closing changes each year. This is because the blooming time is different in each year, and the entrance fee also changes depending on how levels the flowers blooming. In the beginning of May, fuji flowers bloom especially brilliant and the most number of visitors come to enjoy them. In autumn, you can also enjoy its beautiful autumn leaves. The season will be between mid-September and the beginning of October. The opening date and the fee will change in each year and day as well.

No Advertising at all

Kawachi Fuji Gardens is famous for not rigorously advertising their establishment as much since too many visitors might cause damage to the fujis. Most tourists have visited this garden based on word of mouth information, but nowadays, many people who have seen the amazing fuji flower pictures on the internet visit more from all around Japan and the world.

The Fuji Tunnels are stunning

The most popular attraction of Kawachi Fuji Garden is the 2 types of Fuji Tunnels. The one has 220 meters long and the other has 80 meters long. When you enter the garden, you will be greeted by the splendid 22 types of fuji flowers. Being in the presence of this is a feeling that many have not experienced before.

Please try to visit in the early mornin

Even though Kawachi Fuji Gardens is known as that they does not advertise much, there still are a lot of visitors during the blooming season. Therefore, if you wish to visit, you should better visit in the early morning to avoid congestion.. There is even a chance to be the only visitor at that time and you can enjoy the beautiful flowers all on your own.



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