These 10 Unique Animals Exist & You'll Never Find Them In A Zoo

This earth is full of surprises, loading us with hard-to-believe things, every time we start trusting in what we see around us. Here are some unique animals that exist on this planet. Some are so queer and bizarre that you will be left wondering on their survival and will start chasing your imagination, for it has now run wild!

From pigs in sheep clothing to fluffy cows to raccoon dogs, there is a storehouse of eccentricities of this nature and wildlife coming your way. What we see in our everyday life are cats, dogs, horses and if we visit a zoo, we will get a chance to see tigers, pandas among the herd of other wild beings. But the ones stated here are difficult to find in the zoos, because of their rarity.

Have a look at the one-of-their-kind species and do share with the lovers of wildlife, to stun them!

#1. Mangalitsa Pig

This is a pig in a sheep's clothing.
Discovered in the 19th Century, I wish they could be domestic animals, now.

#2.  The golden snub-nosed monkey.

Called as Rhinopithecus, the golden snub-nosed monkey is an endearing species.

Its big eyes and those furs, adorable!

I wish to make it my pet, my family's gonna love it.

#3. Emperor tamarin.

Its mustache is bigger than its face. Looks like a wise old man, thinking out loud!

#4. Pantagonian Mara

It looks like a cross between a kangaroo and a hare. Awwwdorable, it is!

#5. Fluffy Cow

The first time I have landed my eyes on this rare species, and a unique one, too.

Now this is venting my imagination.

I have started imagining furry hippopotamus, too!

#6. Markhor Goat

Its horns look like a spiral.

#7.  Raccoon dog.

The choice between a dog and a raccoon made easier with this one.

#8. Blue footed booby.

One-of-a-kind, these boobies are known to have some amazingly amusing mating rituals.

#9. Malayan Colugo

Those popping eyes and the orange ears, a rare and a unique breed.

#10. Venezuelan poodle moth

A different species, it was discovered pretty late in 2009.

Phew! This compilation has broadened my horizons! Looking forward to more such discoveries.

Do share in comments below if you happen to find something newer!

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