Things Happens To Your Body When You Sleep Less!

There is no better peace than enjoying the silence of the world, when everybody is fast sleep you are awake. For people who don’t mind having a sleep less night it isn’t much of a trouble (Yes, insomniacs it’s you!).But do you ever wonder what happens to your body if you sleep less? I bet the majority of us night owls don’t give a damn about the facts, but friends you need to know this indefinitely. Read this article to find out what your body goes through if you keep it sleep deprived!

1- Lack of Alertness. Do it once, fine, do it twice okay, but you keep on doing it over and over you’ll have to face the consequences for sure.

 2- Impaired memory. Well it’s hard enough to remember important stuffs even with a normal sleep cycle, so you can only imagine what will happen when you don’t sleep enough. 

 3- Greater chances of accidents. Now imagine you are driving on a fairly driven highway, and suddenly your eyes shut due to drowsiness. 

 4- Irritated behavior. It’s very natural that when your body doesn’t get enough rest it is supposed to get, you are sure to be irritated.

 5- Affects on appearance. Well these days, looks do matter, I mean yes personality and all other stuffs matter too, but c’mon you don’t want to look like someone who’s doing drugs five days straight, or like an escape mental artist.

 6-  Hiked appetite. Your levels of ghrelin, a hormone responsible for letting your brain know you’re hungry, goes up when you’ve had insufficient sleep.

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