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Things Women Do In Private And Every Guy Is Clueless About It

 Each and every one of us has in mind some things to do when we are alone. It's 'me' time, so it is expected that only that specific person knows what is it all about for him or her. Same goes when we talk about such stuff, considering the difference between men and women. There are things men and women could do when they are away from each other, or from anyone else. I'll leave some worldly perspectives you're thinking in your mind because it's your own take, but it's real. We do funny, silly, and weird things others may not like to see.

Apparently, an illustrative artist Sally Nixon from Arkansas expressed her world view about the things women do when nobody's watching.

Every woman can relate to it. And every man can enjoy knowing about women closer.

1. "I eat my cake without any hesitations"

 One slice is not a sin anymore. It's just a 'piece of cake.' There's more they can eat without your judgments.

2. When pooping, she's with a dog.

 She might be scared of being alone. Remember Insidious?

3. Quiet time is laptop time.

 Well, she loves to stalk or chose to watch some blogs, update her own blog, and look for some fashion updates.

4. Nail polishing is perfect for a self tea party.

 It needs focus, concentration and a little bit of anti-oxidants.

5. Reading the book needs some junk foods

 The crunch & munch and salty taste help stimulate her comprehension of what she reads. It may diminish her scandalous reactions when she reads of something odd.

Well, who can when your mouth is full?

6. Everything in the refrigerator is on her.

 Deal with it. She can eat whatever, especially when she is alone.

7. That's so me.

 8. I guess guys who are on this article, might be wondering for so many reasons.

 9. Sweetness of doing nothing...

 11. If you are with the Internet, you need nothing.

 12. Dogs become pillows.

It's a bit intimate at first but it may abuse the health of the 'man's best friend' boyfriends, keep an eye on your dogs.

I loved the sketches. Well done, Sally!



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