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This Cute Teacup Bird Feeder Will Make Your Backyard Look, Ultimately Beautiful

 The modern-day cities are no less than concrete jungles as the greenery has given way to high-rise apartments and commercial buildings. Amidst all this development, we have lost touch with the sparrows, pigeons, crows and other types of birds who earlier used to sit and chirp in our balconies. But as there are no trees around and they are not getting food, they are left with the option of looking for another place to live. However, everyone should try to maintain greenery in their surroundings, people can maintain a small garden in their balconies or terrace and they should also do something so that birds also come back in their localities.

We need to worry about birds

It is our duty to do something to help the birds survive in such tough conditions as they are pretty important in maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. Birds are a great source of fertilizers; they help in pollination and also play an important part in controlling the numbers of pests and insects. Birds are very helpful for the farmers as well.

 How can we help them?

We can help the birds by putting up elevated bird feeders, birdhouses and by also providing them with drinking water. Planting trees and plants will also help them and make sure that if you have a cat, it should not be allowed to go outside in daytime. Stop using harmful pesticides in your garden because then the birds can get poisoned by eating seeds, insects, fruits, etc.

 No need to spend money on bird feeders

There is no need for you to spend money on buying bird feeders from the market as by using a little bit of creativity on the old and waste products lying in the house, you can make some wonderful bird feeders. Teacups, saucers, kettles and other crockery items lose their shine after some time and you don’t want to use them anymore. This type of old items can be used for making bird feeders.

 Let us help you in making a cute bird feeder

As we told you old cups, saucers can be used to make bird feeders; today we are going to tell you about a method by which you can make a wonderful bird feeder using a teacup and a saucer. For making this bird feeder, the items that you need are – a teacup, saucer, glue and rope.

 Process of making the bird feeder

Apply glue to the side of the teacup and the saucer and join them, leave them for some time to dry. Cut three pieces of rope, 2 feet in length and knot all the three strands together and stick it to the base of the saucer. Hang the teacup and saucer by tying knot using the other free three strands and fill it with bird feed for the birds to feed on.

 Wasn’t that easy and cute?

So now you know how to make a cute teacup bird feeder and welcome the birds in your backyard or in your garden. In this manner, you will also be able to use those items which were either lying unused for long time and you didn’t know how to bring them in use. Here is the video if you need further help to make the bird feeder:

You can also make changes as per your choice, for eg., instead of tying the ropes, you can also hang the teacup by using a hook and attaching it to the handle of the cup. The teacup can be hanged to a plant hook but make sure that bird feeder is hanged at such a place where the birds can’t be harmed by the cats.

Keep the cup standing

You can also use the option of keeping the cup standing while making the bird feeder which seems to be an easier option for the birds to feed on. Instead of hanging the bird feeder, you can also join the bird feeder with the stands on ground. However, it will be risky for the birds as cats may find it easy to prey on them.

You want to do something more difficult

After making this cute bird feeder, if you are looking to go a level higher and want to make something difficult then this teapot bird home with teacup bird feeder is perfect for you. You can attach this beautiful piece of art which is made from old stuff on a tree or on a wall and it will definitely give a new look to your garden.

Some other beautiful bird feeders that can be made at home

There are many other ways of making beautiful bird feeders using household items such as tin can. Paint the tin can, let it dry and fix a stick inside it using glue. Tie a rope or colorful strip of cloth to the can and hang it on the branch of a tree. Fill the can with the bird feed and wait for the birds to enjoy the food.

Bird feeders made from plastic bottle

The 2 liter bottles of soft drinks can also be used for making bird feeders, however they look quite simple but they fulfill their purpose completely. Take an empty bottle, make holes in such a manner that two medium spoons can pass through straight. Fill it with bird feed which will slip on the spoon from where the bird will eat. Tie a rope in the neck of the bottle and hang it with a branch or a hook.

They are part of food chain

Mostly the birds are carnivores and they play an important role in keeping the population of insects, rodents, etc., in control. While the small birds make insects their target, big birds like eagle hunt the poisonous snakes. Birds help the farmers by saving their crops from the insects by eating the insects and this also reduced the use of pesticides which are also not for good for humans.

They can be kept as a pet

Birds can be kept as pets but we will not encourage anyone to keep birds in cage. In fact, it is a great and soothing experience to watch different species of birds feeding from the bird feeder that you have made. Watching beautiful birds in your garden can help you relieve stress.

They also help in cleaning the nature

Birds clean nature by eating up the corpses of dead animals or the decay matter. Birds also feed on the grains or fruits which are thrown in open and by doing this; they are cleaning the nature and saving humans from many diseases which could spread if birds do not act as scavengers.

Improve the fertility of land

Birds increase the fertility of land as their excreta is a rich source of uric acid which gets converted to ammonia and is good manure for plants. This is one more way by which birds help the farmers in increasing the production of their fields. So what are you waiting for, get yourself surrounded by these beautiful birds and get your mood cheered up.



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