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23 Ultra Buff Women Who Prove Who’ll Make You Go Weak At The Knees

 Beauty ideals have changed substantially over the last few years, and these days there is much more emphasis placed on achieving a look that shows off a fit, healthy and muscular physique - even for women.

There has been an undeniable shift in the way women perceive their own bodies, with an increasing number of women heading for the gym and seeking out weight-training exercises.

More and more women are discovering increasingly popular "fitspiration" Instagram accounts which emphasize the importance of being #strongnotskinny.

So without further ado, here are astoundingly buff women who will have you going weak at the knees.

1. Locker room selfies are a must when you're this ripped
 This woman is brimming with confidence.

2. Look at those rock-hard abs
 3. No one does the strong woman pose better than this gal
 And clear evidence of squats at the gym.

4. The absolute epitome of sexy, strong women
 Do those legs come in bulk? Oh yes they do.

5. Who wouldn't don a cropped hoodie if they looked like this?
 6. A lady who likes to wear heels during a workout
 As if you needed any other proof that working out is just as much a feminine activity.

7. Those legs really are two in a million
 Imagine seeing her at your local gym...

8. With a body like that, tiny gym-wear is a must
 And this lady certainly obliges

9. Doing an intensive workout releases plenty of endorphins
 Just look at that woman's smile

10. Whoever said chunky legs were a bad thing?
 Certainly not me.

11. A body like that has got to be lethal
 That's a killer pair of legs if ever I saw one

12. Strength and sexiness go hand in hand
 This woman is winning awards with that bod

13. This woman embodies the word "fierce" entirely

 And also the word "perfection".

14. Being dedicated to your health, fitness and wellbeing is something to strive for
 This woman has reached all her fitness goals and then some.

16. The best kind of gym pose
 If you put the hours in, these are the results.

17. From the neck up she looks delicate and angelic
 Her torso paints a rather different story...

18. She's thick in the best kind of way
 Just look at those bulging biceps...

19. Long flowing hair and a banging bod
 It's the perfect combination.

20. Wouldn't you wear a skimpy bathing suit if you looked like this?

I think we all know the answer to that question...



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