19 Times People Were Creative With Their Ideas & Results Were Worth The Shot

 Creativity always goes the long way. It not only makes a person productive but also gives a sense of satisfaction. Especially given the times of lockdown, when everything from beauty salons to barber shops is closed, trying your hands at new hacks can always be helpful. From giving yourself a cool haircut to making a chic dress, these are few people who tried their own way with these things long before lockdown and they are definitely not regretting it. Go through the gallery and get ready to get some inspiration.

#1 “I didn’t want to pay $90 for a mullet haircut so I did it myself.”

Saving $90 on a haircut, way to go, girl!

 “I made this dress for Valentine’s Day from a $2 bedsheet.”

The level of creativity we need in our lives

 #3. “Although my wedding isn’t for another 9 months, I’m already learning to do my own makeup.”

This girl can be a great makeup artist in the future.

 #4. “I have curly shoulder-length hair. I just took a razor and trimmed it like that. I feel so bold now.”

She looks sassy and cool at the same time.

 #5. “My family was upset that I didn’t buy a ‘real’ wedding dress and decided to make one myself.”

This wedding dress looks real way more than anything else.

 #6. “In the left photo, it’s me after a hairdresser cut my hair unevenly. Luckily, I managed to fix it myself.”

Perfect job done here.

 #7. “I quickly made this business dress myself.”

Classy plus chic

 #8. You go, girl!

A couple of years ago, after a difficult breakup, I went to my hairdresser and got a cool haircut. Today, I decided to recreate that look and cut my hair myself.

 #9. “I made myself a winter coat to survive the Canadian winter.”

Giving red riding hood vibes in black.

 #10. “I’ve learned how to contour my nose.”

An accurate definition of practice makes the man perfect.

 #11. “I had to cut each curl individually!”

Rocking the curls

 #12. “I made my first shirt today.”

Love the idea.

 #13. “Cutting my hair that started as a 2 a.m. impulse decision ended up looking great!”

Definitely a good decision.

 #14. “My mom bought this dress for $1 because of its soft and beautiful fabric. I had to take it apart completely and sew it back together.”

This is why it is said, a little creativity goes a long way.

 #15. “I really enjoy Yohji Yamamoto’s aesthetic. Today, I made this asymmetrical layered top in his style. It took me about 10 hours.”

Aesthetic vibes only.

 #16. “I saw this cool hairstyle on the internet, but decided to quickly test it out on my boyfriend’s locks first.”

Beautifully braided hair, no doubt.

 #17. “I’ve finally managed to get a visible cut crease. Not perfect, but I’m happy.”

Everything about her eye makeup is on point.

 #18. “I watched a lot of videos on YouTube and decided that I could cut my bangs myself.”

Smart decision made.

 #19. “My mom knitted a scarf made of tea bag strings.”

The coolest idea of a DIY scarf.

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