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Can You Find The Cat In This Puzzle?

Looking for a little distraction as you wrap up before the holidays?  Here’s another puzzle for you to try.  Yesterday, The Dudolf’s (Gergely Dud├ís) snowmen / panda puzzle went viral with over 125,000 shares.

Now, he’s back with another challenge (see below).

In this puzzle, there is a cat hiding amongst the owls. The artist just shared his new puzzle on Facebook and Twitter and it’s already been shared thousands of times.

I personally felt the snowmen / panda puzzle was pretty easy.  This was a bit more challenging.  Good luck!   If you love these puzzles, you should checkout the I Spy series of picture riddle books here.

Want another fun test, try out this vision and see how you do:  Can You Actually See As Well As You Think You Can?



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