Guy Pets A Stray Cat And The Next Moment Cats Are Fighting Over To Sit On His Lap

#1 Receiving love from an animal is a beautiful blessing.

Being an animal lover if you pet an animal and if it shows affection in return than you probably feel like the luckiest person ever. Whether it be a dog or a cat or any other animal, receiving love from any animal is a blessing.

 #2 Surrounded by other fellow cats to get their part of patting.

If you are a feline lover than you can probably relate to this story. This man got surrounded by kitties after patting one cat on the head. As soon as he patted that one cat, all the cats of the neighborhood swarmed around him to get his equal attention and get space on his lap.

 #3 Heartwarming video.

This is the most heartwarming story and watching the video is enough to make your heart melt today.

#4 Watch the video and let it make your day today!

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