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Mom Shares A Tik Tok Of "Edible Sand," The Video Goes Viral And Others Try It Out

 #1 Kids love to eat any disgusting non-edible thing that they find on the floor

This is no secret for parents that kids love eating sand. But let's be honest here, kids love to any non-edible thing that is plain dangerous and disgusting. They would much on any item on the floor and if you take them to the park or beach, they will sit there on the sand and start eating it like a munchie.

So when TikTok user Elle Anna Christine posted the video of her recipe of blending sand, imagine the relief that went through all those parents out there.

 #2 Blending cheerios for edible sand recipe

Elle Anna posted the Tik Tok video of her blending cheerios in the machine. The 23-year old mom than laid down the items in a tray and decorated it with beach-themed toys. The video has gone viral and has already garnered views in more than millions.

 #3 This recipe works better for toddlers older than Amara's age

In her interview to Bored Panda, Elle Anna said that the idea of “edible sand” came because “there aren’t many beaches around us, so I wanted to make my daughter one that was safe to play in.”
 Her daughter Amara, who’s 7 months old, absolutely loved the idea, but “she didn’t eat very much of it.” Mom suspects that it’s because “she doesn’t have coordination yet, so she could barely pick up any of it.”

Elle Anna suggests that the idea may work better for kids with slightly older than Amara. But just like most kids her age, Amara “is really into touching everything and putting everything in her mouth right now

#4 Experimenting with edible crafts

Elle Anna recommends this recipe for all the young parents out there but suggests to do this process outside as the outcome can be really messy.

 #5 “It’s taste-safe and a great texture for kids to explore.”

In her interview to Bored Panda, Angela Thayer, educational writer and sensory play creator at “Teaching Mama,” about the edible Cheerios sand idea. Angela told us that she has seen it and loved it because “parents don’t have to worry about what their child will put in their mouth.” She also said that “it’s taste-safe and a great texture for kids to explore.”</p><p>“Edible sand” is an example of sensory play, which is an excellent tool for kids to explore the world they live in. “As children grow, their senses are their most familiar and most basic way to explore and process new information,” Angela explained. Meanwhile, “sensory play enhances learning through hands-on activities that stimulate the child’s senses.”


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