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People Ordered Online & Things They Received Were So Bad That It Was Almost Comical

 Shopping online is the easiest way to go especially when you are the lazy kind. And given the situation of lockdown it has more pros than ever. But some times, things can go crazy wrong when you become target of online shopping scams. These are few people who ordered things online in good spirit but what they received were enough to put them in a bad mood. Go through the galley and tell us in the comments if these online shopping horror failures are equally funny or not?

#1 I Ordered Wrapping Paper Online, There Was A Mistake And Now I Have A Massive Poster Of My Face, I'm Not Even Mad

 #2 Thanks, I Hate The Wolf Pack

 #3 What I Ordered vs. What I Received

 #4 Be Sure To Always Check The Size When Ordering Treats

 #5 When You Think You’re Being Discreet Buying Toys Online

 #6 This is really really bad.

#6 My Sister Ordered Cupcakes For My Engagement Party Yesterday. Sent Walmart Bakery The Pic On The Left. Instead Of A Ring, Apparently I Said Yes To A Silver Toilet Seat

 #7 What Could Go Wrong If I Order My Dress On Aliexpress

 #8 I Know He's A Big Cat, That's Why I Ordered The Large Size

 #9 Expectation vs. Reality After A 6-Month Back Order From West Elm

 #10 Today My Wife Received A Book Via USPS That She Ordered 10 Years Ago

 #11 That Face Just Tells You - You Got Trolled

 #12 I am dying laughing here.

My Boyfriend Ordered A Pair Of Socks That Didn't Come Out As Hoped (The Right Side Is Him, That's What We Expected). We Have No Idea Who The Other Guy Is
 #13 An Air Freshener Sold On Facebook. It’s A Literal Scam
 #14 This Pennywise Halloween Costume
 #15 Don't Buy Veneers Online
 #16 Online Shopping Always Amazes Me
 #17 This Large Wall Tapestry My Best Friend Bought Me vs. What Actually Came
 #18 My Friend Ordered A T-Shirt Online And I've Been Crying With Laughter For 3 Days Over The Result
 #19 Mini Wet Wipes
 #20 It Took Almost A Month To Get This Mess And I Paid For Two Different Dresses And Only Received This Atrocity



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