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This Instagram Account Shows What Dog You Are Based On Your Name, Here Are 76 Of The Best

 Have you ever thought about whether your name actually suits you? It’s interesting how every time you hear a specific name, your brain can render an image of that person. And although it’s not necessarily accurate (in fact, it can be very inaccurate), you just can’t help it. The internet wouldn’t be a place we adore if people didn’t think of elevating this phenomenon to a whole new level. So here it is, a bizarre yet hilarious meme is taking over Instagram—it shows what animal you would be based on your name. There is an account for everyone’s taste: dogs, frogs, goats, rats, sloths… And surely more are coming.

The Instagram account @whatdogyouare matches a name to the derpiest, funniest, and most adorable photos of doggos out there and it has blown up with 124k followers. The creator of the account puts her success to a good cause by donating profits from requested posts to the rescue shelter Royal Animal Refuge.

Scroll down to find out what dog you would be, and if it’s not on the list, try your luck in DMs!




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