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Which Oddly Shaped Cloud Are You Based on Your MBTI?

 You lay on a bed of lush green grass, watching as puffballs of floating condensation float across a baby blue sky. There are so many different shapes and sizes, some resembling everyday objects and things and others just misshapen blobs. What if your MBTI® depicted which cloud you would be?

The good news is that such a cloud exists. We have scoured the sky and found clouds with specific personality traits which match your own. You might be surprised by what you find, as you form an instant connection with the cloud you would have become if born an airborne ball of condensation. Keep reading to find out which oddly shaped cloud you are based on your MBTI!

 This Tsunami Cloud, otherwise known as the Stratus Fluctus, is energetic like any ISTP. Their cresting features speak of their optimism, as they crash into each new day with a positive attitude. These formations show up spontaneously, gracing the sky with their unusual pattern on rare occasions.

These clouds raise peoples spirits on their worst days, helping people in emergencies by calming them with their presence like any good ISTP would do. ISTPs and these clouds are easily bored, both leaving or moving on if something fails to call to their interests or desires.

 The roll cloud is original and abstract like the INTP. This cloud prefers to be original, standing out from the other subpar clouds, as it forms a sideways pillar of white across the sky.

This cloud's size speaks to an INTPs enthusiasm, growing bigger as it identifies other clouds with interesting forms such as its own. INTPs and the roll cloud are private, preferring to keep to themselves as the cloud's thick and round nature prevents the intrusion of other clouds along its course.

This cloud chose a form independent of other clouds because of the traits it shares with all INTJs. This cloud is filled with confidence, every particle injected with the substance, as it floats across the sky.

Other INTJs will recognize the similar trait within themselves, as their open minds allow them to grasp the similarity between them. This cloud is capable of achieving anything it sets its mind to, already proving itself worthy of this trait by becoming a sphere, and sure to impress any INTJ.

 ENFPs are popular like this wolf cloud, their approachable demeanor setting them apart from the rest. The wolf cloud is a great communicator, howling at the other clouds as they converse about deep and meaningful cloud things.

ENFPs relate to this and the wolf clouds observant abilities, able to depict what each shift in the atmosphere means in terms of poor weather or approaching change. They are both curious, choosing to discover new things rather than sit back and watch other clouds roll by day after day.

 ESFPs and the laughing cloud love to entertain, preferring to stand out rather than be like everyone else. The decision of this cloud to choose this form was a bold move, one most clouds may have grown to regret, but ESFPs appreciate the action.

This cloud was made to put on a show, garnering laughs from other clouds and ESFPs alike, not wasting any chance to impress people. This cloud does have a sensitive side, as it crumbles under the criticism it receives from other not-so-understanding personality types.

 This cloud is inspiring like the INFJ, as it speaks of its passion for all things dragon related. It was decisive in its decision to become a dragon, knowing in its heart that was what it was meant to be.

INFJs and the dragon cloud are both perfectionists, every detail about his puffball appearance carefully chosen and changed until it was just right. This cloud believes dragons would make the world a better place, proclaiming its cause as it drifts across the sky as any true INFJ would do.

 This cloud is imaginative like the ISFP, coming up with this combination rabbit-dog form as a way to express itself. They are both passionate about their ideas, choosing to put all of their energy solely into the project at hand, like how the cloud feels about its unique form.

ISFPs are competitive to a fault, similar to this cloud, choosing to outdo the other clouds around it despite its lack of practicality. Their self-esteem also fluctuates from day to day as they doubt their abilities with the outpouring of criticism from people or clouds who fail to understand their vision.

The angel cloud is like any ISFJ as they offer needed support to those people who look to them for assistance. They are reliable and patient, as they listen to your problems, refusing to fade away in your time of need.

They are both loyal, always there when you need them and offering aid as they work hard to assist you with every problem. They may come across as humble or shy, as the angel cloud sits back and listens, refusing to put its problems before those who need it.


This cloud, like any ENTP, knows a little bit about everything. They have a comment for everything, choosing to share their views whether you want to hear them or not.

This can cause them to come across as insensitive, but emotion isn't valid when facts are involved, the face cloud preferring to spread its wealth of information than care about how it might make others feel. The cloud and ENTPs are charismatic, able to create small talk in any situation, intriguing others with their unique shape or words.

This cloud is strong-willed like an ENTJ, ready to take any incoming threat head-on. They are able to create strategies to defeat formidable foes, understanding the multiple facets contributing to a stressful situation.

The Rifleman has his enemies in his sights, self-confident in his ability to defeat them like any ENTJ, inspiring fellow clouds to help him take down their enemies. This personality and cloud may be considered cold and ruthless, not all of their methods sanctioned by the community, but they always get the job done.



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