12 Cats and Dogs in the Middle of a Total Identity Crisis


 People think cats and dogs are polar opposites, but they’re really not as different as you might believe. Just look at these dogs and cats doing things you might not normally expect.

1. Yep, this is my home now.
 2. A cat pawing at the door while their owner leaves.
 3. How come cats get all the fun towers?
 4. Perfect fit.
 5. This cat loves to play fetch and isn’t afraid of the water either!
 6. Both cats and dogs love curling up on a nice table.
 7. Just look at that tail wag.
 8. Couch buddies.
 9. Tennis balls aren’t just for dogs anymore.
 10. Cat toy? Nah, this is my toy
 11. Out for a walk on a leash.
 12. Defender of the armrest.

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