13 Super Weird Soda Flavors That Might Freak You Out


 There are a whole bunch of soda flavors out there that I bet you didn’t even know existed.

And some of them are really bizarre. Placenta Soda? You betcha!

1. Bacon Soda
 2. Pickle Juice Soda
 3. Leninade
 4. Kitty Piddle
 5. Jones Thanksgiving Soda
 6. Teriyaki Beef Jerky Soda
 7. Butter Soda
 8. Celery Soda
 9. Bubble Gum Soda
 10. Tree Bark Flavored Soda
 11. Coke and Coffee
 12. Peeps Flavored Soda
 13. Placenta Soda

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