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14 Hairless Animals Who Know That Bald Can Be Beautiful!


 You may not recognize these ordinary animals at first, because they have one very special quality: they’re hairless!

While they do look (and likely feel) different than your average animal, hairless animals are still just as beautiful as their furry counterparts.

Animals can experience hair loss for a number of different reasons, including illnesses such as mange, which affects a variety of wildlife, alopecia, or a genetic disposition that can be passed onto offspring.

But some animals, like the kangaroo pictured, are born hairless. Kangaroo babies do not grow hair until they emerge from their mother’s pouch.

Some animals are even bred for hairlessness, including “skinny pigs” (hairless Guinea pigs), Syrian hamsters, Chinese Crested dogs and Sphynx cats!

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1. Rabbit
 This bunny born in 2009 was born hairless, but eventually grew up to be a fluffy bun!

2. Hedgehog
 Betty the hedgehog was born hairless at a rescue center in the UK, and aside from her baldness, is perfectly healthy!

3. Guinea pig
 “Skinny pigs” are Guinea pigs specifically bred for hairlessness!

4. Kitten
 Sphinx cats are also bred to be hairless. Breeding of sphnxies began in the 1960s.

5. Penguin
 This baby penguin was born without feathers and thus rejected by his parents at an aquarium in China’s Liaoning Province.

But with the help of his keepers, was able to grow them and reunite with his family as a fully-feathered bird.

6. Rat
 7. Raccoon
 8. Mexican Hairless Dog
 Also known as the Xoloitzcuintle, or Xolo, these dogs are not closely related to the similarly hairless Chinese Cresteds. Xolos were among the first breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club!

9. Squirrel
 UK vets were confused as to why this squirrel named Smoothie was bald, but made sure to keep him warm and feed him plenty of nuts.

10. Kangaroo
 Sabrina the kangaroo was abandoned by her mother and relied on the help of her human friends as a baby.

Baby kangaroos do not grow hair until they emerge from their mother’s pouch.

11. Aardvark
 12. Chimpanzee
 Some chimps have alopecia, a hair loss condition that humans also suffer from.

13. Wombat
 Leah the baby wombat became an Internet sensation after her hairless photos went viral!

14. Hamster
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