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15 Strange Pictures That Will Make You Question Your Sanity

There's nothing more intriguing - and downright strange - than an unusual image without context. Especially when it involves abnormal situations that you will only see once in a lifetime. And yet, these pictures are the result of people who thought absolutely nothing of the situation, so we felt the need to celebrate their bravery and their weirdness. Allow us to make the best out of an impossible situation as we attempt to explain their WTF picture at a time.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa? No, Thank You
 Talk about a broken home. These people wanted to make treehouses look outdated by comparison, so they built this death trap instead. Just imagine the struggle of climbing up and down on a daily basis, especially for grandma. Points for creativity, though.

Howdy, Neighbor!
 Watch as this guy casually walks this beast like it's just another day. The dog knows better than to approach it, although it'd be interesting to see these two in a merciless fight. Makes you wonder what the snake owner actually considers a dangerous animal, doesn't it?

This Bird Will Need Some Counseling
 Birds are supposed to be nature lovers, not future chainsmokers. Next thing you know, this little guy will be visiting your local AA meeting after those damn humans ruined his life. But we suppose a nest is still a nest, as long as none of those cigs are lit.

The Batmobile Has Nothing on this Ride
 There are car enthusiasts, and then there are those whose entire life savings would go into their latest ride. Seriously, we've got a feeling the inside of this baby could easily put any nightclub to shame. And let's not even wonder about its killer stereo.

Game Over
 It's common to tell a friend that your computer died on you, but what happens when someone takes this to a whole new level? In this case, it was the person who had passed, but rest assured he took his most prized possession along to the grave. Oddly beautiful.

When hunger Strikes on the Road
 Could someone please get this poor man some food, pronto?! Wait, wait, maybe he just has an uncontrollable foot fetish? Or maybe he confused 'sneakers' with 'snickers'? Whatever the case may be, he surely just shot himself in the foot by not sneaking around with this odd behavior.

Let's Hope No Kids Were Present
 We're not even going to try and guess what happened here, but if we had a theory, here it is: The Magic School Bus attempted the impossible one too many times, and now those poor kids are paying the price. Sorry, Ms. Frizzle!

You Are What You Eat
 Don't you just want to eat him up? No, it has nothing to do with being cute. It's surprising this guy hasn't been devoured alive, considering the insane amount of bread attached to his body. Now get a custom-made hat, fill it up with water, and the birdies will have the perfect bird bath.

What Did You Say To Me?!
 It's sad that an animal can look so much better than the average human, and the dude doesn't even bother to hit the gym. We can only assume he gets all the ladies out there in the wild, and nobody dares get all territorial with this guy.

Not the Brightest Idea
 Their teacher must have gotten sick and tired of all the students cheating, so now they have to look ridiculous in the name of education. At least they could fall asleep and nobody would ever know it. Well, at least until those test results come back.

Smooth Ride (We Hope)
 When these two were told to guard the mattress with their lives, nobody thought it was meant to be taken literally. Yet here they are -- and if you look closely, one of them is praying that there are absolutely no bumps on the road.

Bored to Tears
 We try not to be judgmental here, as some people have legit nipple fetishes. Plus, the guy looks like he's been waiting for some kind of service and is bored out of his mind. The real question is: Is the other guy pissed because he also wants to have a go at it?

Who Needs to Wait for the Next Bus?
 The bus is full, he has somewhere to go and time is running out. What's so wrong with catching the wind while enjoying some alone time on the roof? Big props to this guy for having guts. Now watch out! Low-level tunnel ahead!

They Pooped their Pants, and for Good Reason
 You can bet half of these babies will be pissed when they see this image one day. Then they'll feel like the luckiest bastards alive, knowing their lives hanged by a thread for the sake of entertainment. That is, assuming this guy performed the stunt successfully in the first place.

Taking Food Fetish to Another Level
We truly wish we knew just what the hell is going on here, but be warned: Do not go to prom with this potential serial killer. Or maybe he's just a lovable teddy bear with a huge (and we mean, huuuge) appreciation for chicken nuggets.



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