15 Things You Used To Believe About Food — Until Just Now

 Most of us are guilty of consuming our food without taking too much time to worry about what ingredients are or aren’t inside. Don’t worry, I’m not here to preach about counting calories or any of that. I just find random facts about food extremely interesting, particularly when they prove common beliefs to be false. These are just a few utterly shocking “facts” about our food that you’ve probably believed were true up until now.

1. Reese’s Pieces don’t actually contain any chocolate.
 2. Cereal companies don’t use real milk in their commercials. They typically fill the bowl with a mix of shortening or styrofoam and white glue.

 3. Peanuts aren’t really nuts. They grow in pods and are classified as legumes.
 4. Almonds aren’t nuts either, they’re members of the peach family.
 5. The numbers on your toaster don’t represent cooking minutes.
 6. Your favorite breakfast cereal ‘Fruit Loops’ is actually spelled ‘Froot Loops’.
 7. And all of the Loops are the same flavor, regardless of color.
 8. ‘Oscar Meyer’ is actually spelled ‘Oscar Mayer’.
 9. Believe it or not, bananas are berries but strawberries are not
 10. Baby carrots are not a type of carrot. They’re just the sliced down version of regular carrots.

11. And carrots were originally purple, not orange
 12. Apparently, Vitamin C doesn’t actually reduce your risk of getting sick.
 13. Dairy cows have to get pregnant before they can produce milk—it doesn’t happen automatically.
 14. The popular belief that you swallow an average of eight spiders every year in your sleep is false, thank god.
 15. Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada, not Hawaii.

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