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17 Fashion Disasters and 1 Fashion Win That People Need to Know About


 Have you ever taken a fashion risk and nailed it? If you just said yes, good for you!

However, these people failed it.

On to the carnage!

1. Redefining “walk of shame” one crunch at a time.
Chain, chain, chain… chain of fools.
 As if you didn’t think Lady Gaga would make an appearance?
 There is such a thing as too hipster, and Becky just found it.
 Horrible, BUT perfect for a Nickelback concert.
 We all know THAT cousin.
This would be perfect if her name were Winnie.
  Four belts? Too many. Three belts? Let’s talk
 There’s no excuse for this.
 Not fashion, but damn!
 Pump up the jam.
 So foxy.
 Buck those fashion trends!
 House arrest has never been more fabu.
 Aren’t you neon green with envy?
 In Russia, bowties tie you.
 Always blend in.



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