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18 Photos Proving That We Live in a World Full of Absurdity

This world and the people in it will never stop surprising us: every day brings new and sometimes absurd surprises. Some people laugh when they see them, and others get angry. We prefer the former — people who laugh often live longer.

We offer you another list of crazy photographs that will make you ask yourself, “How is this even possible?”

This is an ice cream cone ordering an ice cream cone from an ice cream cone.

Is this the TV’s grave? No, someone just decided to decorate the information screen.

“You have parked in the wrong place. I’ll give you a ticket. Oh, sorry, my mistake.”

Indian January 1st

“They stole my toilet... I’m not making this up. Still waiting for the police.”

And this is the other way around. Looks like the toilet stole someone right from the office. It only left their shoes and underwear.

And where are you supposed to wash your hands?

You wanted ads to be fair?

“This restaurant Photoshopped toast onto their breakfast platter on their sign.”

“This restaurant Photoshopped toast onto their breakfast platter on their sign.”

“The underwater scene puzzle my kids got.”

“A photo of my grandmother who dries clothes.”

A Scottish snowman
“$275 required Spanish textbook is loose leaf paper wrapped in cellophane.”

“USPS bent my diploma. I have no words.”

“Your security force, openly soliciting work from private criminals.”

At least both hands are free.

It was a really hard day for her.
 Which of the photos seemed the most absurd to you? Tell us in the comment section below!



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