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30 Funny Photos of Adorable Animals Who are Partners in Crime


 Let’s face it. It’s better to have a partner in crime if you’re going to do something naughty, like steal food or poop in the wrong place at the wrong time because then they can watch your back or at least keep you company if you’re caught and shamed.

Listed up in this post are 30 funny photos of adorable animals who’ve committed crimes and got hilarious corresponding guilty notes by their owners.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to share this post with the other pet owners in your list.

1 Looks like they have some beef with Jesus
 We don't know how it would taste tbh
 My dogs didn't like the elf a lot
 Do dogs have a higher tendency towards eating glass?
 The second one got trolled for nothing
 Kitty's not too happy about it
 My dog has very weird food choices
 Partners in crime
 Looks like we need new and waterproof sofa pillows
 The white one could have stopped his fellow
 What hunger can do to a dog
 To each, his own man parts
 Making my period even worse
 What a couple
 But dogs are colorblind.
 Watching is also a crime in this household
  We are the deadly team of two
 He won't be trying to go anywhere near the hedgehog again
 I wonder how mommy found out
 Bugs bunny has poor food choices
 What a crazy combo
 A dare shall always be fulfilled
 They're gonna make me bankrupt
 We haven't given you many reasons to be proud of
 The little one is equally responsible
 Hating for all the right reasons
 The sock stealers
 Kitty really couldn't control, neither could the dog
 Who's your sock dealer?



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