30 Most Amazing and Captivating Body Art Illusions

 One of the modern forms of art is the body art. For this artists use human bodies as their canvas for painting. They create optical illusions that first appear to be realistic depictions of other objects such as animal, trees, birds, etc.

In this post, we have listed up our favorite photos of body art illusions. These pictures are downright amazing.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

1 Melting down for you
 2 People that are loud
 3 Never knew a human butt can make such a perfect predator's nose
 4 Want help with your shower sir?
 5 When you can't control those gains
 6 It's a mystery
 7 Free birdie
 8 One way to store book knowledge
 9 Kissing me softly
 10 Glow like a chameleon
 11 Straight out of a Harry Potter movie
 12 The Black Swan
 13 The horse that will race the waters for you
 14 Playing with dolphins
 15 It's the time of dawn
 16 The strength of the pack is the wolf
 17 Body and the brains
 18 If trees could talk
 19 Come at me bro
 20 All hail the king Cobra
 21 For the night is dark and full of terrors
 22 When the spring time comes
 23 Greetings from Russia
 24 He took away a part of me
 25 let's do an X ray
 26 Camouflage body art.
 27 The hands of an artist
 28 I would love to paint her
 29 The apocalypse is upon us
 30 She can keep an eye on you from any angle

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