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This Incredible Australian Sheep Dog Herds 8,000 Emus Every Day!

 Meet Chip, an eight-year-old Australian Sheep Dog (or Kelpie) who loves to help herd his animal friends.

Except they’re not the kind of friends you might expect. Chip lives on a northern Victorian emu farm in Australia, Longview Emu Farm, which is one of the country’s largest.

According to his pet parent, Jeff Long, he has a gentle nature with the chicks and a natural affinity for herding the big birds.

“He’s a really top dog actually, a really smart dog, he’s a good mate,” Jeff told the Daily Telegraph. “It would be nightmare to do it without him, we’d need two or three people without him.”

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1. Chip is a third-generation "emu dog."
 2. He helps Jeff Long round a flock of around 8,000 emus each day! Now that's a ton of feathers.
 3. It takes Chip just 10 minutes to get the entire flock tucked away every morning and night.
 4. “He loves them pecking at his feet,” said Jeff, who emphasizes that the birds and pup love to play
 5. Getting the birds organized is a lot of work, but Chip never lets the job ruffle his feathers (so to speak).
 6. He never bites or hurts the emus. In fact, he sees them as big feathery playmates!
 7. When the emu chicks are four months old, they're brought to the paddocks, where they live for two years.
 8. Emus are harvested for the oils in their fat, which is then used to make a variety of hair and skin care products.
 9. Chip's work is truly a labor of love.
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