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Lizard Costumes Are All the Rage. It’s Time to Get on Board


 Even if you don’t have a lizard, now might be the time to get one for yourself.

I mean, how can you resist after looking at these photos?

I have a feeling you’ll be headed directly to your local reptile store after scrolling through this article…

1. Time to celebrate
 2. Valedictorian
 3. Top o’ the mornin’
 4. Going golfing, perhaps?
 5. Bait a hook
 6. Dragon-style
 7. Yes!
 8. In the holiday spirit
 9. Cowpoke
 10. Awwww
 11. Here comes the bride
 12. Princess
 13. Captain of the vessel
 14. JAWS
 15. Fire chief



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