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No one Trolls couples like Jason Momoa, The Man’s got Swag

 However, Jason Momoa stumbled upon an idea to include everyone in the picture by hilariously trolling the husbands and boyfriends by stealing their ladies away from them. He has a number of hilarious photos in which he poses as if he’s stealing the women away from their men.

Scroll on to see the hilarious photos of Jason Momoa trolling couples. Is this dude awesome or what?

1 Ain’t No one Like Jason Momoa Baby!
 2 I told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa, but he wasn't comfortable with that.
 3 Still a better love story than Twilight
 4 He’s a chill dude who cares if Jason has his women?
 5 Looks like He’s summoning the demons to get his girl back!
 6 Booze and a Readhead, life is good for Jason! Can’t say the same about her gloomy boyfriend though!
 7 Why the sour face buddy? Shall we crop you out of her life?
 8 He’s not willing to let go. Move on Jason!
 9 Looks like they both choose Jason. Better Luck next time pal!
 10 Well, that was easy!
 11 The guy might just look annoyed because he didn't get a Momoa's hug
 12 I can only assume you are in that pose because you are annoyed your girlfriend is getting between you and Mamoa.
 13 We love boyfriend's expression - definitely having fun with it.
 14 “You stay there, Sir!!!” LOL
 15 That's one very. HAPPY woman..



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