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The Way You Cross Your Fingers Says A Lot About Your Personality


The way you cross your fingers says a lot about who you are as a person, and the impact it has on your relationship.

Scientists believe that the part of our brain that dominates our thought processes can be determined by studying body language, and there have been many studies seeking to establish that relationship. The way you cross your fingers can reveal what your personality is.

Look at the image below and see what type you are.

1. Left Thumb On Top

If you tend to keep your left thumb up on top of your right one while crossing your fingers, then you are likely to be a practical person who focuses on logic first rather then emotions. You hardly ever let your feelings come in the way of your productivity.

You are also somebody who will not take decisions in the heat of your emotions. Your family and friends know you more for your intelligence and resourcefulness. You are particularly perceptive to lies and can see through almost any farce people throw your way. Your quick wit can save your life.

Your quirky and funny sense of humor often attracts a lot of people towards you. You have a cool way of approaching courtship and knowing when to say the right thing often lines up quite a number of suitors. Your romances don’t see much boredom as your partner can connect with you on an intellectual level.

2. Both The Thumbs Aligned

If you prefer to keep both your thumbs aligned when you cross your fingers, then you are a confident individual who pays a lot of attention to detail. This also enables you to have some serious insights, but not many people know about it.

You have an air of authority that people hardly ever miss. Leadership comes naturally to you, as you also understand people’s feelings and consider their opinions before arriving at meaningful decisions. Your frankness is disarming to some people and they also love you for it.

You like to be honest in your relationships, as you are also kind while speaking your mind. This makes your partner respect you and be more open with you. You keep the romance bustling with energy and love, even when its a long-term relationship. Your hard work is often rewarded with incredible experiences and magical romances.

3. Right Thumb On Top

If you prefer to keep your right thumb on top of your left one when you cross your fingers, then you are likely to be really in tune with your feelings and emotions. You are also very perceptive of the mood shifts in people around you. Also, people find it quite comfortable sharing things with you.

You also tend to notice things that people usually don’t. This also enables you to think out of the box. While making decisions, you usually tend to follow your gut and intuition. However, when some major decisions call for your attention, you tend to take your time with it.

In relationships, your partner will love you for your empathy and ability to understand their feelings without them saying much. You have no problem at all meeting their emotional needs. You are capable of processing deep emotions and warmth, which also draws people toward you.

As it often happens, you may change your body language in accordance with your mood. Sometimes we may not notice but realize later that our sense of comfort changes with time, so you need not take these as absolute reflections of your personality.



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