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15 Tweets To Help You Get Through Tax Day


 Happy Tax Day!

April 15th is truly the most unique day of the year. On what other day do you spend several hours of mind-numbing drudgery just for the privilege of giving the government a sizable chunk of your income? None of them! And thank goodness for that.

Whether you’re racing to get your taxes done by the deadline, (raises hand), or you’re a goody two shoes who filed your return months ago, you probably hate April 15th just as much as I do. But one thing that can make Tax Day just a bit easier is laughing about it. And you can do that with these 15 Tweets about the worst day of the year.

Or you could live off the grid, but reading this article is a lot less hassle.

1. Why do tax forms always feel so judgmental?
 2. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help.
 3. Life hack: you don’t have to pay taxes if the IRS thinks you’re dead.
 4. Tax Day is also Procrastination Day, pt. 1.
 5. Don’t worry: if you get something wrong, you’ll just get audited!
 6. School does not prepare you for the horrors that await.
 7. Your morale will plummet.
 8. Tax Day is also Procrastination Day, pt. 2.
 9. You never feel like less of a responsible adult than you do on tax day.
 10. It’s OK. Nobody knows what they’re doing.
 11. Why can’t it be this simple???
 12. April is December for accountants.
 13. Tax Day is also Procrastination Day, pt. 3.
 14. The standard “all is lost” moment.
 15. It’s important to teach your kids financial literacy.



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