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21 Stylish And Fun Designs For Short, Classy Nails That You Will Love

Do you have short, classy nails, and your friends have long nails, and it makes you envy them? Well, you don’t have to be jealous of long fancy manicures anymore!

With these designs for short nails, you will constantly receive compliments on your pretty nails! We all would love to have long nails, but in reality, some of us have jobs (and lives) that prevent us from having longer fingernails.

Soon your friends will be wishing they had lovely nails like yours! With some pretty shades of polish and some nail art tools, you can easily copy these looks on your own.

Dark Green Diva

Manicure in deep green will draw everyone's attention. Pick two deep green polishes and apply them stripewise to your nails except for the ring finger. Adorn the ring finger nails with sparkling rhinestones in silver, green, and blue colors.

Sassy & Splashy
Cool Cat
Musical Interlude
Totally Tribal
Tea Time
Pearly White
Fancy French Mani
Glam Girl
Quirky, Quilted Nail Art
Yin Yang Nail Design
Mythical Mystique
White and Wine Swirls
Sunflower Power
Minnie Mouse Nail Art
White and Gold Nail Design
Half Moon Nail Art
Fun Watermelon
Super Star
Sweet Candy

 The cool thing about this lolipop mani is that you can do all sorts of color combos. They're almost good enough to eat!



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