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7 Times Actors Were Fired On Set, And The Secret Reasons Why Will Leave You In Awe

Undoubtedly, the entertainment industry in Hollywood is competitive. You might be at the top of the movie business in a flash and wanted for roles in everyone's productions.

Next thing, you can find yourself utterly forgotten, with no one actually knowing your name or your claim to fame. Talented actors are frequently passed over at the last minute and never really get the chance to shine.

The biggest letdown for these dedicated people, though, maybe having to leave blockbuster films for reasons beyond their control. Of course, there are situations when it is their fault, and the directors hunt for a reason to terminate them based on the things they did or didn't do.

However, it's never really apparent if the actors are actually being let go by the directors or if they are doing so voluntarily. So when a renowned person is cut from a performance, there is frequently debate and justification.

But occasionally, production decides what looks nice and what doesn't, and they are the ones who decide whether or not to retain a celebrity on board. Since it's such big news at the time, it's typically all anyone can talk about.

The following are seven instances of prominent persons being let go from a set.

1. It is difficult to see Ryan Gosling being passed up given his attractiveness and acting prowess
He is in high demand from producers to appear in their films. In The Lovely Bones, Gosling was supposed to play Jack Salmon, the father of the murder victim.

Jack was heavier than Gosling believed, but the producers didn't agree. To put on weight, he consumed junk food and melted ice cream.

When filming started, producers were upset by Gosling's weight gain. This led to his termination.
2. On the Gossip Girl television adaptation of the book, Taylor Momsen portrayed Jenny Humphrey
On the show, Momsen struggled through challenging times and blossomed into her true self. Momsen started The Pretty Reckless and became interested in rock 'n' roll, smoking, and music.

Producers and other crew members claim she exhibited diva-like conduct and an attitude issue. She never memorized her lines and was frequently on the phone.

She was fired from the main cast and was only used when needed by the producers.
3. Megan Fox is well known for her beauty, physique, and Transformers role
In the first two movies and Dark of the Moon, she portrayed Mikaela Barnes. Filmmaker Michael Bay, according to Fox, was a nightmare to work with because he was dictatorial and inflexible, like Hitler.

Following his remarks, Fox was fired. She wasn't only uninterested on the set, according to Bay, who claimed it made her tough to deal with.

Transformers wasn't the same without Megan.
4. Throughout her career, Lindsay Lohan has dealt with arrests, DUIs, and other issues
Her first part in a few years came when she was chosen for The Other Side in 2010. But she was let go from the film.

Like other celebs who have been fired, Lohan didn't throw a fit or act like a diva. She was fired by producers because they felt she wasn't "bankable."

After being replaced in the movie, Lohan has had difficulty reestablishing her career.
5. Robert Downey Jr. portrayed the romantic interest in Ally McBeal
Downey struggled with substance abuse. After being caught for drug use in public in 2001, he was fired.

Given that he had been detained on drug-related charges months prior, this was the final straw for the producers. Downey contributed accolades and opinions to the occasion.

It was painful to see him leave in such poor condition.
6. Conan O'Brien, who has hosted Late Night since 1993, was guaranteed by NBC that if he extended his contract, he would take over The Tonight Show in 2009
He took Leno's place as host of the Tonight Show in 2009. NBC granted Leno a prime-time program because they didn't want to lose him.

Due to poor ratings, NBC suggested relocating Leno to The Tonight Show's usual 11:35 pm time slot and moving O'Brien back by a half hour. O'Brien refused to shift timeslots due to the alteration.

Leno was reinstated as anchor of the Tonight Show after NBC and O'Brien reached a $45 million settlement. On TBS, O'Brien hosted Conan.
7. The "tiger blood" and "winning"-related outbursts by Charlie Sheen are well-known
Producers of Two and a Half Men had had enough of his shenanigans and drug use. Sheen was recalcitrant on set for a variety of reasons, including drug use.

Additionally, he criticized Chuck Lorre, the show's producer. They first decided to put the show on hold so Sheen could go to treatment and rehab.

Sheen was replaced with Ashton Kutcher, which changed the show. Evidently, he wasn't "winning."

The producers and directors struggle to get things right because there are many variables that swing left and right. And although good planning can help you avoid some issues, sometimes changes come quickly but for the better.

One of these situations would be when actors were replaced and the new actors took on the roles of the characters we now know. 



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