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Spring Hair Colors You’re Going to See Everywhere This Season

Winter is (finally) almost over, meaning it's time to start thinking about the best spring hair colors. Whether you’re ready to visit the salon or attempt another at-home hair color (just be sure to read our guide first), there’s no denying a fresh change will make you feel brand-new for the warm season.

This year's winter trends have embraced low-maintenance shades like cozy blonde, but people are definitely going to have fun with their hair this spring—just look to the rise of disco curls as proof. In terms of color, think fantasy shades including cotton candy pink and nostalgia-fueled trends like ’90s-inspired blondes and face-framing highlights. Shades of red continue to be a major trend too, along with interesting takes on classic shades like warm blonde and rich brunette.

To get you inspired, we asked the pros to shed some light on the best spring hair colors for 2023. Scroll through to discover the new hues we’re eyeing.

Butterscotch Blonde

You're going to see butterscotch blonde everywhere this spring, Madison Reed master colorist Shvonne Perkins tells Glamour. “Deep blonde will be trending this season, with butterscotch blonde taking the cake,” she says. “This rich, balanced color allows for a beautiful golden depth, instead of an icy pop.”

The best part? It's so easy to DIY. If you're starting with a light blonde base and looking to add richness, opt for Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss in Prosecco. “When golden is present, violet tones are key for keeping color balanced,” she continues. “To maintain the color, choose the ColorSolve Shampoo and Conditioner flavor best suited for your personal hair needs and add the Color Depositing Shot in Blonde for toning and vibrancy.”

Cool Chardonnay
Temperatures may be rising, but hair color shades are cooling down, says Gregory Patterson, celebrity hairstylist and DIY expert for Sally Beauty. “We’re looking at very cool tones, but the good kind—think very cool, smoky, oaky ash blonde,” he says, pointing to ion's 6A Dark Ash Blonde as a prime example of what we're now calling chardonnay blonde.
Cinnamon Copper
Red hair isn't going anywhere, says Emily Boulin, hairstylist and Sally Beauty DIY color and styling expert: “All variations of red are in, but copper seems to be the quickest on the rise when clients are looking for a bigger change.”

One especially popular take on the shade is cinnamon copper, which is “making a heavy wave,” says hairstylist and color expert for Cosmo Prof Presley Poe, who suggests the Schwarzkopf Vibrance line for maintaining beautiful, rich, and reflective red hair tones.
Smoky Espresso
Perkins and Patterson also assert that cool, smoky shades of espresso and brown are having their moment this spring. “This smoky, natural brunette is a great option for brunettes looking to cool down their tone and is reminiscent of the mushroom brunette trend but with a fresh splash of sandy tones,” says Perkins. “Use Madison Reed’s Color Reviving Gloss in Espresso to achieve this color at home, while using the Color Therapy Mask in Caffe for the ultimate refresh between glosses.”
Icy Platinum
Since hair colors are cooling down, it's no surprise we're seeing more ice-cold platinum. “Hair colors, just like anything else in beauty and fashion, go through trends, and hair colors and styles usually ride next to fashion trends,” Patterson says. “At New York Fashion Week, the color palettes are super icy blues and lavender tones. It was very cool, so rather than brightening for spring, we may see a cool-color resurgence.”
Apricot Bronde
For a fresh twist on the copper craze, Perkins suggests apricot bronde, which features a light brown base with apricot golden red tones. “A touch darker than strawberry blonde, this color will beautifully warm up your skin tone and complement a natural makeup look,” she says. “The perfect way to nail this color is with our Radiant Hair Color Kit in Genova Red and refresh the color at home with Color Therapy Mask in Zucca and Color Reviving Gloss in Cannella.”
Peekaboo Pigment
Boulin also points to adding pops of pastel, vivid, and/or contrasting hair color to your head in block sections as an up-and-coming trend. “It’s a fun way to add life into one’s hair color in a trendy, unique way, without committing to a full color correction,” she says, pointing to Miley Cyrus's two-toned look as a prime example of the style. Another way to experiment with the aesthetic? TikTok-viral skunk-stripe hair.
Expensive Brunette
If you prefer your hair on the warm side, don't worry: Expensive brunette is very much still in vogue. “Brunettes with a golden undertone are rising in popularity for spring,” Boulin tells Glamour. “It's subtle, looks natural, and adds a touch of warmth, creating a soft, flattering dimension that looks like it grew out of one’s head organically.”
Radiant Reds
Expect to see all sorts of red this year, from burgundy to auburn and everything in between. “Red hair is trending because not only have celebrities been experimenting in this space, but it’s a great way for blondes to try something deeper or more pigmented without completely going brunette,” says Boulin. “It's also a great way for some brunettes to go richer or lighter without having to necessarily go blonder. It’s a nice in-between option, and is just a matter of finding the right tone."
Subtle Ombré
“Less is more this spring with a subtle ombré look,” Perkins tells Glamour. “It draws inspiration from ’70s style icons and features a solid root with grown-in, sun-kissed color weaved throughout the mid lengths and ends. Madison Reed’s Light Works Balayage Highlighting Kit is perfect for achieving this look at home.”
Louis Vuitton Brown 
According to Tom Smith, celebrity hairstylist and European creative director for Evo Hair, Louis Vuitton brown is the latest evolution of the expensive-brunette trend loved by celebs like Karlie Kloss and Hailey Bieber.

“Think of the color of the aged leather of a Louis Vuitton handbag,” he says. “A gorgeous rich tan, not too pale, but not heavy or dark either. This shade suits a variety of skin tones due to its medium depth and should be worn with healthy flowing hair that shines to best show the shade off.” To get the shade, ask your colorist for a medium-light brown shade with a warm golden toffee tone.



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