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People Comparing Instagram To Reality After Realizing How Different Kim Kardashian Looks In Unedited Pictures

We blame celebrities for creating unrealistic beauty standards that nobody can achieve without having as much money as them, but at the same time, the second they don’t look perfect, those photos are all over the media, scrutinizing their faces and bodies.

However, people don’t think that the pressure the celebrities feel to always look good is an excuse to edit their photos, as they consider it lying. The conversation came up when they noticed Kim Kardashian’s Instagram and people’s posts of her showing a different face

Kim Kardashian posted some pictures from her visit in Milan and other people did as well, but she didn’t look the same in all of the photos.

As an ambassador for the Italian house Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Kim Kardashian came to Milan, visited the designer’s store there and also attended a private afterparty.

People’s eyes were caught by the two-piece the celebrity wore at the store that complemented her figure and they admired the snakeskin patterned dress she chose for the party look.

People noticed that Kim’s face looked different when they compared her Instagram photos and the photos others took of her and posted on their social media

Although people appreciated the fashion, they couldn’t help but notice that Kim’s face doesn’t look like they remember it from photos that she posts on her Instagram. Even more people caught on when they saw that Leonie Hanne posted a photo she took with Kim and in it, the woman actually looked closer to her age, which is 43, instead of being stuck in her 30s.

In the comments of that post, people compared the celebrity with Donatella Versace, but a brunette version of her, and quickly realized that this was actually her face without edits.

Netizens determined that she looked older and came to a conclusion that she is hiding the signs of aging in the photos she post on her own accounts

People mostly noticed that Kim’s face skin looks less airbrushed in Leonie’s photo than in her own posts and they were saying that she looked older in that photo than on her own Instagram. That led people to believe that Kim Kardashian is hiding signs of aging and there were a variety of reactions.

Some people were mad that she was editing her photos so much because it is deceiving and untruthful. Others thought that it was the result of societal pressure to always look perfect and that made the woman use filters in order to hide her insecurities. There were also people who didn’t really see a huge difference and thought she looked great.

That caused a wave of reactions about whether it’s right or wrong and people didn’t shy away from scrutinizing her looks

A TikTok video by thoughtswgracie discussing the situation went viral with 5.2 million views and it sums up people’s reactions and why they are so strong, as well as why the Kardashians rely on editing and filters so much. Many other TikTok users in the comments agreed and added their own perspectives.

One TikTok video blew up and it said that pretending to be young will be the Kardashians’ downfall
“I saw another content creator talking about how it was very shocking to see the photoshopped photos that Kim Kardashian put out and then the unedited…”
“…untouched ones that people that she took pictures with put out. Honestly, I think that her decrease in popularity and the Kardashians’ fall from being on the top is happening because they try to keep up these appearances that they had when they were like 29, and  the whole audience and the image that they had when they were 29.

But they’re not 29 now. Kim’s 40-something. If she wouldn’t have photoshopped her photos so hardcore for the past five years and like, aged gracefully, it would not be as big of a shock to the public, or even a topic of conversation. If she showed the slightest bit of realness, I’m pretty sure people would applaud her for it, but instead they get a glimpse behind the curtain and they realize it’s all a facade. Then not even she looks like this anymore.”
Do you think Kim looks that much different? Do you think it’s a problem that she keeps editing her Instagram photos to look younger? Do you think photo editing is alright as long as you are transparent about it? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

These are some of the examples of how different people’s opinions are on Kim’s photos




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