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Stunning Pics Of Famous People From The Past, As Shared On This Facebook Page

Vintage celebrity portraits give us a glimpse into the past and a way to connect with icons from bygone eras. These pictures, often taken by renowned photographers, show us things like fashion and style, as well as the cultural and social norms of the time.

But they also offer a sense of nostalgia for a time that many people may not even have experienced firsthand. The images serve as reminders of the enduring influence of certain stars and the impact they have had on popular culture.

And the Facebook page 'Things of the Past' is one of the richest online archives of such memorabilia. So let's take a scroll through its most prized possessions and who knows, maybe we'll see some of our beloved celebs in a way we still haven't.

#1 Tilda Swinton - 1988

#2 Goldie Hawn In 1964
#3 Debbie Harry And David Bowie
#4 Remembering Television Legend Betty White
#5 Jazz Singer Ella Fitzgerald (1954)
#6 Silent Film Actress Bessie Love In The Early 1920s
#7 Raquel Welch
#8 Marilyn Monroe
#9 Mike Farrell, Loretta Swit, Alan Alda, Harry Morgan And David Ogden Stiers Raise A Toast And A Cake At A 7th Anniversary Cast Party
#10 Cate Blanchett
#11 Sophia Loren
#12 Christopher Walken, Robert Deniro, Chuck Aspegren, John Savage, And John Cazale On The Set Of The Deer Hunter (1978)
#13 Sean Connery & Michael Caine By Michael O’neill For “ Vanity Fair”
#14 Sammy Davis Jr
#15 The Brady Bunch Meets The Jackson 5




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